The Perfect Potting Mix For Your Plants

The Perfect Potting Mix For Your Plants

After you've choosing the right planter, comes the time when you should think about choosing the best potting mix for your plants. Many people use garden soil in their indoor plants that lead to many pest problems and diseases. Concede, there is a difference between garden and indoor plants and that is why professionals recommend separate potting for handling both the cases.

Potting Mix For Your Plants

For your indoor planters, choose the soil that can be a perfect fit for the growth and health of your indoor plants. This may include a mixture of a composted soil or peat properly mixed with fertilizers or water retention crystal to supply the right level of moisture and nutrients. Markedly, peat-based potting, often made with sedge or reed peat, usually weigh less than the soiled based potting mix, however, it gets more difficult to make it wet it if it dries out. Therefore, make sure you follow the right routine to make your potting mix sustain perfectly.

While peat-based potting mixture is remarkably good for your indoor plants, the main disadvantages that clashes here are - Peat slowly compresses and decomposes with time. Also, as its particles become smaller and smaller with time, water drainage becomes harder, which in turn allows a faster buildup of solids and salts from the fertilizer that further affords less room for the roots to grow.

What Can You Do?

  • You can improve the quality of peat-based mixes by adding a handful of perlite in it. It will not slow down the decomposition process but surely will improve the aeration.

  • Try wicking your planters time to time. You can do it by inserting a wick from the drainage hole and removing the excess water that gets blocks inside due to compression of peat.

  • Replant every year so that you can give a new peat based potting to your plant and it can grow even better freely.

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