Fall Home Decor Ideas for the Plant Lover

Fall Home Decor Ideas for the Plant Lover

Fall is at your doorsteps, and it’s time to welcome it into your home. With your spring cleaning out the way, it’s time to give your home a touch of Fall by incorporating some new decor like a basket or indoor plants. We’re going to break down some of the ways you can make your home cozy by giving you the top 12 home decor for the Fall.


Fall, as a season, has a woodsy vibe, with warm brown, orange, and other earthy tones. It’s no surprise then that one of the best items for home decor for the Fall is baskets. It doesn’t matter if the basket is woven, twined, or coiled. A basket will add the natural element to your home that just screams Fall.

Wall Baskets

There are various types of wall baskets. It could be purely decorative, hanging on the walls to display to your guests, or it could be to hold indoor plants.

When it comes to decorative wall baskets, they come in various patterns and are usually multicolored to liven up a home. However, a wall hanging basket that holds some plants doesn’t need the frills of patterns and colors. Instead, let the greenery take care of the color element.


Indoor Plants

Year-round, indoor plants should be something you have in your home. They work well in minimalistic settings where the color palette is more calm and neutral. However, adding a set of stunning, vibrant plants to your home can make a world of difference.

The great thing about plants, in general, is that there are so many to choose from, you’ll never feel like you’re without options. New England Asters are some of the best Fall bloomers and are stunning thanks to their lavender, purple, white, or rose colors.

Log Holder & Firewood or Logs

Nature is what we’re going for, and firewood is something that can tie a whole room together. Granted, you need to have a fireplace to make it seem sensical. But, if you don’t have a fireplace, there are ways to be creative with how you display crisp firewood or clean logs.

Display units featuring neatly stacked logs can make an incredible backdrop in any home. Still, the number one prize is making that fireplace look even better than it did before. All by adding a great holder, quality logs, and the warm fiery glow illuminating your living room. Now that is the Fall ambiance in a nutshell.

Dried Leaves, and Lots of Them

Dried leaves? Sounds strange, but hear me out. You can buy some fancy dried leaves, or you can make it an adventure with your family to find pretty leaves to add to their own picture frames for the walls. What is more Fall than some aesthetically pleasing dried leaves?

Maybe you’re thinking this is a weird Fall decor idea, but the results speak for themselves. It sounds silly, and perhaps while you’re finding the leaves, you believe you won’t actually follow through with the idea. But, when you see your walls lined with wooden frames, white backgrounds, and a single leaf occupying the white space, you’ll truly understand.

Dried Plants

In a similar concept to dried leaves, dried plants show off the entire process of Fall. The idea of nature dying to regrow bigger and better than before is on full display with dried plants. You’re probably thinking that the concept of dried plants sounds ugly, but you’d be mistaken. Dried plants look great on tables around the house and add character to any space they inhabit.

Warm Tones

When you experience Fall in a state, town, or county filled with trees, you notice the sea of auburn reds and oranges that take over the once-green trees. Incorporating these colors into your home through couch cushions, blankets, napkins, pots, baskets, and other decor items.

Whatever else you can get your hands on will add that sense of Fall in your home and help create that warm environment.

Reading Nook

Spend the Fall in a reading hibernation and create a nook worthy of the best literature the world has to offer. Find a peaceful spot and work decorating the space with couches, blankets, and anything you need to make it comfortable, warm, and inviting.

Amber Glassware & Cork Displays

Consider this a two-for-one home decor for the Fall idea! Those wine glasses you make use of so much, swap them out for amber glassware. The wine corks you accumulate over time? Put them in a decorative mantle space and lay thanks to the excellent grape harvest!

Now you have a reason to drink throughout the fall, you’re working towards a home decor goal, and nobody can question that.

Earth or Warm Toned Linen and Accent Walls

Any linen in your house is about to be a target for Fall upgrades. One of the easiest home decor for the Fall idea’s I believe you can pull off without a hitch is earth and warm-toned linen or an accent wall. But, of course, it can be any linen; towels, bedding, blankets, napkins, cushions, the list goes on and on.

Admit it, you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy new linen for your home, and now we’re serving it to you on a silver platter.

Harvest Centerpieces

Considering that Fall holds Thanksgiving, it’s a season of the harvest, and your table centerpieces can be great places to show off an excellent harvest centerpiece. Fall concepts for a centerpiece is endless. You can rely on fruits, candles, lanterns, flowers, pumpkins, dried leaves, wheat, and more to create something that fits the season and the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.

Outside Living

Celebrate the Fall by having breakfast, lunches, or dinners outside on the porch or in the yard. Then, decorate your table with some of the ‘home decor for the Fall’ ideas we’ve mentioned and make it memorable. Look for anything that can add to that Fall vibe and invite friends and family to share in the ‘harvest.’

There you have it, 12 home decor for the Fall ideas that are going to win over hearts and minds in your home and amongst your family and friends. You’re going to do such a great job that everyone will want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner!

























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