Pet Friendly Houseplants

Pet Friendly Houseplants

Pets have an inclination of eating whatever they find fanciful. So, if you have a pet in the house, make sure you have proper knowledge about the plants that are harmful or toxic and the ones which are pet-friendly. This list will give you a comprehensive knowledge of these plants.

Plants which are safe for pets

  • Spider Plants – These are not only safe for pets but also a very good option as an indoor plant. The main reason is that this plant grows excellently even in low-light conditions and also does not require much of a maintenance.

  • Prayer Plant or Calathea - This is a whimsical plant that is very easy to maintain and safe for your furry friends.

  • African Violet – If you are looking for a pet-safe plant that will also give you blooms, then African violets will perfectly fit into that description. They are beautiful and are available in a variety of violet hues.

  • Cast Iron Plant – As you can already understand from the name, these plants are tough and can sustain gnawing and fiddling acts from your pets. Moreover, they are not poisonous at all.


  • Bromeliads – Fill your room with some color with bromeliads. They do not require much light and grow especially well in the winters.


  • Aluminum Plants – They have streaks of gray on them which is why they are called aluminum plants and they fall in the category of easy-to-care plants that are safe for pets too.

Plants which are harmful to pets

  • Aloe Vera – With tons of uses, aloe vera may be one of the common houseplants but they are not good for your furry friend. This is because they can cause vomiting, anorexia, and even tremors in pets.

  • Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant - This plant is toxic to cats and dogs and even a little bite of the plant can cause oral irritation to pets. Keep this plant high up where pets cant get to it.


  • Azalea – Azalea is very well-known to be poisonous to cats and dogs but they are also not safe for rabbits and horses. They can lead to excessive drooling, diarrhea, leg paralysis, and colic.


  • Lilies – Not all lilies are toxic but you must know the difference if you have a pet in your house. The true lilies are the ones that secrete the most potent toxins. These are the Asiatic, Tiger, Japanese Show and Easter lilies.


  • Daffodils – They contain an alkaloid which leads to severe vomiting whenever your pet ingests them. They can also cause severe irritation in tissues.


  • Morning Glory – The major symptom of ingesting morning glory is the occurrence of hallucinations in pets.

If you still want to keep these plants at home, make sure that you place them somewhere that your pets cannot reach. Otherwise, it is always better to choose plants that are safe and do not have toxic effects.

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