It's All About the Size and Material, When Choosing The Right Planter

It's All About the Size and Material, When Choosing The Right Planter

Growing healthy, happy plants indoors can be tricky. The key to nurturing lush indoor plants, flowers and trees is the type of planter and plant stand you put them in. It all comes down to size and the material your planters and plant stands are made out of. Here's a brief guide to buying the best planter and plant stand for your indoor plants.



Since most house plants aren't all that big when full grown, you don't really have to worry about investing in large, expensive pots like the ones used on decks, patios and porches. On the other hand, if you'll be planting an indoor tree or a floor-standing plant, a bigger pot is typically called for. Don't forget to pick up some saucers to go under your planters, as these prevent messes when watering.


  • Clay: Naturally porous, clay pots help aerate your plant's roots by allowing excess moisture and toxic salts to pass through the microscopic pores. These are perfect for plants that don't require much moisture to thrive.

  • Plastic: Not at all porous, plastic pots are recommended for indoor plants that require more moisture. The thing is you have to be careful not to over water them. Excess moisture won't be able to escape, so over watering can become a problem.

  • Concrete: Some plants have unruly roots that require more support than a clay pot or plastic planter can provide. Larger planters and/or trees should be planted in concrete planters to help them grow straight and tall.

  • Wood: Wooden planters are a popular pick because they bring a decorative element to the home. Not to mention, they're lightweight and they retain water. Just make sure you opt for wooden indoor planters made from rot-resistant wood types such as cedar or redwood. Same thing goes with plant stands. Traditional metal stands serve their purpose, but wooden plant stands are preferred because they're more aesthetic.

As you now know, it's the size and material type that make all the difference when choosing planters and plant stands for your indoor plants. When all is said and done, the best planter and plant stand for your indoor plants depends on what kind of grow you're planting.

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