Five Inspirational Books for Plant Lovers

Five Inspirational Books for Plant Lovers

As a plant parent and décor lover we're always on the look out for inspiration. One of the best aways to learn about plants is the old fashion, through books. Get cosy, kick up you feet and channel that creative inspiration while learning how to take care of your darling Ficussucculents, cacti and air plants. 

The best books for plant lovers:

1. Living with Plants: A Guide to Indoor Gardening

Learn how to create that perfect green space on any budget.


House of Plants: Living with Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti
A gorgeous guide to indoor plants.



3. Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants
Easy to follow plant care instructions for over 100 houseplants


4. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants
A great source of inspiration with many DIY ideas for plant styling


5. Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space
Advice from an seasoned interior designer on how to decorate with plants.



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